This is your family.

In this world of internet trolls and hackers I have to protect the family information as best as I can. Sorry about this but you will need to login. You can contact me on my personal email or you can be adventurous and “JOIN”. The Join button helps you create a user account, then you can come back any time.

If you are family, or related by marriage, I encourage you to get an account and join me.

You may then view the family pages and let me know if you have any information, photos or documents to add to the records. If you have information about a family member who I have missed or additional details for someone already on file, you can use the ‘Add Information’ form to let me know. AND! You can leave a message on the bottom of any page.

We are all spread throughout the world but hopefully by sharing this information we will remain connected.

I look forward to sharing our history with you.